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We specialize in homemade comfort food with a contemporary twist. Large, gut-busting portions, over-the-top indulgence, and experimental creations are what you'll find at Spoons Diner! Our service is friendly and casual and typically made up of a handful of long-term staff. We have a classic vintage interior, generously dotted with kitschy pop-culture decor. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we are committed to providing the best breakfast experience we can!


Spoons Diner first began as Floyd's 2 (the second location of Floyd's Diner) back in February of 2008. The lease was signed January 6, so we had 25 days to tear out carpet, peel off wallpaper, paint, clean, hire staff, and get a business started. It was an amazingly whirlwind--albeit stressful--experience. In summer '09, Petr Prusa (the owner of Floyd's and my boss) generously offered to sell me the restaurant, as I had been managing it since the beginning. This was the start of Spoons Diner.

Over the years, we've had our ups and downs, with the infamous recession, bursting pipes, wonderful staff and even more wonderful customers. I am so grateful to everyone who's had a hand in making Spoons what it is today. So thank you... and welcome!

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